Welcome to the Pop Up Bazaar

Welcome to the Pop Up Bazaar Live Virtual Market via instagram stories @poppubazaarberko & The Pop Up Bazaar E- Gift Magazine.

We are running our virtual market events and E-Gifts Magazines during 2021 on the first thursday of the month 7-9pm.

We used to be a real live market in the town hall Berhamsted but due to covid19 we have now gone virtual and are still here for you to purchase from our small local businesses. Support us by subscribing to our free monthly E-Gift Magazine – email popupbazaarberko@outlook.com and just write SUBSCRIBE – thank you – and here’s a little about us…….

Our Live Virtual market runs once a month via instagram stories @popupbazaarberko – just tap your way through our stories and on the same day the E-Gift Magazine is published so you can read about our small businesses in more detail and gain access to exclusive offers.

A Monthly Live Virtual Market and an E-Gift Magazine. 

The E- Gift Magazine concept is totally unique as it is published the same day as the virtual market hitting a totally different audience.  You can share the link on social media and with friends & family. The link will be mobile/tablet/pc friendly.

Crucially the E-Gift Magazine has clickable links so shoppers can do directly to your social media sites.

  • The Pop Up Bazaar E-Gift Magazine (featuring all exhibitors) published to coincide with the Live Market
  • The  Live Pop Up Bazaar Markets via Instagram stories @popupbazaarberko
  • Make sure you follow @popupbazaarberko on Instagram


£30 to join our Christmas events 4th December which includes the Live Virtual Market and E-Gift Magazine.

£20 to join any of our other virtual markets and E-Gift Magazine during the rest of the year.

  • You get to post TWO stories during the live event.
  • FYI You are responsible for posting your own stories during the time of the event.
  • Plus your own full page advert in the E-Gift Magazine.
  • And your attendance will be promoted by The Pop Up Bazaar on your behalf.

50 participants per Live Virtual Market and E-Gift Magazine



  • The Magazine will be advertised on all the local FB groups to coincide with the fair.
  • Every participant will be sent a link to the magazine.
  • You will be promoted individually on social media before publication date. So please tag and follow each other to build up each other’s audience.
  • The E-Magazine is also published in its entirety on our facebook site too.
  • So that’s a pretty big growing and changing audience each month.
  • You will be emailed a poster for each event to post on your own social media sites too.


  • I care about your page and will work with you to create a dynamic page which is special and you will be proud of. Unlike normal adverts which are split into ¼ pages you will have a full page.
  • Once you decide to join us, let me know which date/s you want to book and wait for me to confirm okay
  • Send payment, and next:
  • A bio  – a short paragraph about yourself or your products
  • Please note down all your preferred contacts and check the links work
  • Between 4-5 hires jpeg photos (I can’t promise to get them all in but gives me design options) Include a photo of you too.
  • Business logo if you have one.
  • Any offers/discount code etc (be very clear about this)
  • Magazine proofs will be sent out to you to approve before publication.
  • You will be sent a JPEG or PDF to keep too so you can promote it on your social media.


  • The live virtual market will run via Instagram stories @popupbazaarberko
  • All you have to do is post TWO stories during the event.
  • And tag @popupbazaarberko  (this is crucial or I won’t be notified)
  • The event also syncs for FB stories too.