How to create stories

How to create your stories

Post your stories onto Instagram and tag @popupbazaarberko during the live market only.

If you don’t do this I won’t be alerted.

Make sure you do the tag @popupbazaarberko ‘live’ during the event.

By all means pre- design your stories if you wish but don’t add the tag until you actually make the post otherwise it flattens and ‘kills it off’.

Make sure you do it between 10 – 4pm on the day of the live market.

You can post your stories together or stagger them over the day.

Story Content

Make it relevant and punchy.

Direct them to your shop or mention an offer.

You can post 2 stories.

The Virtual Market

It takes place between 10 – 4pm

I will check and add stories every hour on the hour.

So if you don’t see your story immediately don’t panic.

Stories synch to Facebook stories too and stay live for 24 hours.

E-Gift Magazine

The E-Gift Magazine is published the same day at 10am.

You will all be emailed the direct link.

Please promote this on FB groups and social media on the day of the live market.

This means we reach a much wider target audience.