Berkhamsted Pop Up Bazaar Welcome Letter and Payment information – 2019

Firstly I require the following:1.       In keeping with GDPR (General Data Protection regulations) your consent to OPT IN and received our emails is required.

Opting in is crucial to running a successful market – our only source of immediate communication is through group emails.
Please write YES here.
2.       Your Name
3.       Company Name if applicable
4.       Contact mobile
5.       What you are selling
6.       Which date you wish to book.
7.       How you are going to make payment for your first stall/s with us.FYI I try to eliminate product clash whilst welcoming as many variant stall holders as possible

What Happens Next?

1. Once I know your date/s, I will then hold a stall for you and await payment.
2. Next confirmation of receipt of payment will be sent out.
3. You will receive a second email nearer the date of your market booking – this will repeat what is mentioned below but be more specific to your upcoming market and will reconfirm your table with us.


Mobility Issues
Due to the geography of the building  – we are located on the first floor of the town hall, all stall holders need to be able to physically climb a flight of stairs to the first floor should our lift be out of action for any reason. We occupy the first floor and the main hall has 24 stalls.
However we frequently get an increase in stall applications, and then an additional room is opened which is accessible via another flight of steps (approx 12 steps) .
This means seating plans need to be flexible as I will then juggle stall holders around both rooms.
I don’t know how many people will apply month to month but do require this flexibility versus regulars who have the same spot each month.
For instance, I normally have four  jewellery stall holders in the main hall but when the second room is opened I permit a further 3.
To avoid additional product clashes sometimes people selling a similar item will be sent to the other room.
I am literally unable to accommodate other stall holders and juggle everyone’s requirements appropriately if I have to consider special physical requirements on a physical level. Thank you for your understanding but it really is down to our particular building.

If you are new to the market/town please take a moment to check your sat nav/map and research where to park in advance.

The town is undergoing some major parking changes (installation of a new multi storey off Lower Kings Road is underway)

Please note Tesco’s car park directly behind the town hall is now only 2 hours at a time!

If you don’t physically move your car and park in a new spot you can be fined – ie dont recharge the meter and move it to new place.

There is an all day car park if you take the turning behind Marks and Spencers which costs £3.80 for the day but make sure you park in the long stay bays which are clearly marked on the ground. Berkhamsted Train Car Park

Costs approx £4.80 for the whole day and seems to have a lot of spaces.

Dates 2019
January – CLOSED
Sat 2nd February
Sat 2nd March
Sat 6th April
Sat 4th May
Sat 1st June
Sat 6th July
August – CLOSED
Sat 7th September
Sat 5th October
Sat 2nd November
Sat 7th December
Sun 15th December


I joined later in the year is the same stall place guaranteed for me?
It is slightly harder to accommodate everyone in run up to the Christmas Fayres as I have a huge amount of regulars who return during the Winter Season only, so if you have recently joined the market earlier in the year you may find your table has to be moved to another spot when a regular returns and has already prebooked and paid for the Xmas market.


We are an indoor market in a beautiful building, The Town Hall of Berkhamsted, spread over three fantastic rooms on two floors – depending on number of applicants.  At our busiest we have up to 50 diverse stalls  (although this can vary on quiet months) and we also have a lovely indoor Coffee and Cake shop on the premises run by Bakeaholic.
Please note we specialise in Arts & C rafts but are happy to include Antiques, Books, certain franchises such as Neals Yard, Forever,  and any other alternative stalls.  We are not exclusive to just artisans.Berkhamsted is an affluent town, & generally will support their local community market.  By becoming a regular at our market, you can do  well over time once people get to know you and your product. The market is advertised on all social media options. If you would like a stall please do apply! I am also looking to have the friendliest stall holders around – a smile goes a long way when making a sale and this is ambience I wish to encourage for our market……

Our Location
Our public need to climb a staircase to reach us, but this is not insurmountable and there are two people who stand outside the main doors all day to direct people off the street to see us.  If you have health issues and need to be on the ground floor please let me know when you apply.
Footfall totally varies from month to month depending on various factors such as school holidays/fetes/football seasons etc.  It is not always indicative of successful sales either.  Sometimes we have fewer people but more sales and vice versa.  Lots of people does not always equal great sales –  but as a general guide our most popular times tend to be the run up to Christmas markets during the winter months.


Facebook and Social Media Sharing/Our Blog & Website
It is imperative all stall holders help promote any event so please re post/share and tweet us, but first you need to go and LIKE our page in order to see our posts – either click on the link or copy paste into your web browser – thank you – your part is very important.

Social Media Sites
I also advertise on the following social media sites every month before each market but if you know of any please suggest and also make your own posts – THANK YOU – as every repost helps in this digital age.

everything berko
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everything tring
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the handcrafters loung
north herts events
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edlesborough, eaton bray and surrounding areas
everything pitstone and ivinghoe
stall holder -herts fairs fetes and events
business mummy network

Our Website
in addition I send regular posts from our website which hit facebook and twitter several times a month – this is separate to the above fb listings.

Stall Holders active participation
I also ask you  please  do your part to promote us as much appreciated.


Are emailed out before each event which you can circulate however feel free to ask for one.

What time can we set up?

Saturdays – 8.30am onwards

Where Can I unload my car? 
You can unload round the back of the town hall only – please do not bring your boxes to the town hall front doors on the high street as they will not be open
Take the small turning in between Costa and Tescos and keep to your left to arrive at the back of the town hall and unloading bay.

Unloading sign for car.
Put unloading sign in the car to avoid a ticket! You can park temporarily within the yellow lines car park bay but NOT in Boots Car Park.
Please allow plenty of time for unpacking and parking your car and getting yourself to the market on time.

When can I start packing up?
Please pack up on the dot the market closes and not before and make sure you are out of the building within one hour latest thank you for your speedy cooperation.  If people pack up early for whatever reason it really affects the room and the positive vibe  – it is a huge no unless cleared with me first. Please pack up exactly on time and be out of the market by 5pm latest.What if I have to cancel or am running late?
If anyone is running late or cancelling (no refunds will be given) but please email me popupbazaar@outlook.com as I do check email messages on the day. Thank you.
If you are not at your stall by ten am then your stall will be offered to someone else.

How Can I contact you?
There is no market phone please always email me as I will check and respond asap I can.

Can I have a refund if I don’t cover the cost of my stall?
Believe it or not sometimes people ask – but no – if you ate the sandwich you can’t un eat it!
Equally if you cancel or do not like it, do not make a profit etc.  The hall still needs to be paid for in advance.  I am under no obligation to find a substitute to cover your stall costs for you if you drop out.

Do you refund in extreme situations?
Your money is non refundable in the event of excessive weather conditions beyond my control ie snow/ice/floods or acts of terrorism or sudden closure of the Town Halls outside my control.  In these events payments would hopefully be rolled towards another date instead but this is not a given.

How big are the tables? 6ft x 2.5ft and chairs are provided. 
You need to bring nice table cloth to cover the table and all your own advertising banners/cards/brochures etc.

I have stands/display items etc?
It is possible to get you a spot for such displays but you need to alert me in advance.    I have a couple of tables where this may be possible.
However do bear in mind the space limitations I have to adhere to and I cannot promise this to you.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?
It is not a prerequisite but if someone falls or hurts themselves on your stall then it is your responsibility.  If you become a regular it is well worth taking insurance out to cover yourself.

Do you have a lift?
We have a lift at the back of the town hall which takes you to the first floor where we have two rooms.  We have a further room at the top of the stairs which has no lift access. There is a trolley upstairs which you can come find and borrow if you need one.
Please return to where you found it however after use.


Is the market footfall affected by the seasons?
We can be affected by the seasons and yearly events and cannot guarantee footfall on any calendar month and nor do we know when other venues may hold a market/fayre.  These are issues beyond our control.
And please remember quieter footfall does not necessarily equal less sales……!  We can also be really busy and no one buys!

Is it tougher having a stall at the market these days?
Yes without a doubt – audiences are harder to please. Having a market stall is a much tougher business than it ever was ten years ago – you really need to market your product and at the right price too & this can take some time.  Interestingly we have more stall applicants than ever but a faster drop out rate – this is because people might only try us out once then give up – this really is not the right approach.

How can I benefit by regular attendance?
The public do like a regular as they know where to find you when they need you and that business can grow in time. People often look first and buy later.  So often stall holders give up after one attendance – those who are successful make amendments in visual layout, pricing and goods offered and persevere at least 6 months before starting to make a success of it.  Others manage this much sooner but there is no yard stick to compare yourself with so give yourself a pat on the back and keep at it.

Can you give me some marketing tips & how to display my stall?
I think this is the level which consumers are growing to expect.  Your stall needs to resemble a MINI SHOP, be clearly product defined with clear pricing, and a way for you to target your market audience.  I recommend fairy lights, sweet bowls, nice table clothes, and a huge effort at styling your table  –  I can’t emphasise this enough- you can always practice this at home on the floor before you come.  sometimes stacking things in boxes helps draw the eye.  Pricing should be clear, and signage is helpful.  If you are offering commissions put a  sign somewhere to say this.  Perhaps collect emails or offer a prize/raffle?

How should I price my items?
To all new stall holders it may seem like stating the obvious but please make sure that your items for sale are something which will appeal to the public.  It may sound obvious but if you have got the right product but wrong price it won’t sell.  Similarly the wrong product will also not sell.   Remember if you are selling items for a £1 a pop then you are going to have to sell at least 25 of them to cover the cost of the stall. Getting everything right can be hard graft but it can also be rewarding – please don’t give up if you suffer an initial disappointment – running a market stall is a business and you will need to develop marketing strategies to get it right. Long term it can be great!
I want to bring my own CD’s and music along?
You are invited to bring your own music DVS’s so please do!
Also please do chat to the stall holders around you – we play music,  but a friendly chatty atmosphere between stall holders does wonders to keep customers happy and browsing – we don’t want a silent room as might scare them away!  so please do your bit – if you are a regular please help those who are new on the day – it seriously does help morale, especially when the market goes quiet around lunchtime….  if you notice the music has gone off in the room – switch it back on – feel free to bring some of your own CD’s too.Do you have posters I can circulate?
Yes please circulate our posters and put out reminders on your fb or twitter page for us – all promoting helps! invite friends and family down too.  They are all on our website available to download and send out.