I have helped small businesses in lockdown to develop their business identity and deal with the giant that is social media!

If you would like to get an idea of a typical shoot check out Rachel Sharman’s shoot (she is a personal trainer) and needed some images to reflect her and some stock shots.

or Pepino Puppets (who used to attend the market before they left to live in Czech)

These will give you an idea of what is achievable in an hour’s photo shoot.

So here’s all my blurb below and if interested just give me a shout.

Shoots are done only Monday to Friday and at your premises/house/studio/garden.

Thank you Claire

Are you an entrepreneur/stall holder at The Pop Up Bazaar setting up your own business and want to tell your story but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you are already established but aware your brand identity is lacking or more exactly not even developed?  Read on, this is just for you.

About me

I refer to all people who have set up their own business as a Creative and Entrepreneur because this is exactly who you are.

As a creative woman in business myself who set up my own photography business over 15 years ago, I understand where you are coming from and can help you to develop your brand identity through photography and a providing you with a bank of social media ready images.

Me with Rachel Sharmam Blue Cloud Fitness

So are you ready for the next step? How to create your own personal library and your brand identity.  This is the exciting part.


Never has social media become so important so we need to create a portfolio to reflect you and tell your Creative Story and journey.

Not only can your clients ‘Meet the Creative ’ in work mode and relaxed mode but they can glimpse behind the scenes.  Think of it as making a film in photos and unveiling yourself bit by bit to social media (will come to this in a minute) with you at the helm and in full control.

Working together we will establish well a cohesive set of professional photographs which represent what you do and who you are. Developing a stock of images which you can use to keep you relevant and fresh.

We will create a mood board of images for you to use and keep your social media updates current and relevant and most importantly reflect your goals, services and your beautiful, creative and imaginative self.


Firstly, email me your business, any website|Instagram|FB accounts etc so I can explore your business and your social media presence.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these as yet as the point is for me to help you develop your unique brand identity and presence on line.

Let me know what the essence of your business is, and where you want to go or where you think it is lacking.

Next we will set up a phone call to see what areas might make the most impact whether you are looking for a quick fix or a long term plan.

We will go through your budget and create a bespoke plan of action tailored made to your requirements.  Have your diary to hand.

I offer two different shoots but can create a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Option one – 30 minute session shoot which includes unlimited (edited) hi res images and a beautiful online gallery for you to immediately download your images.

Option two – 60 minute session shoot which includes unlimited (edited) hi res images and a beautiful online gallery for you to immediately download your images.

Together we will look at ways we can sky rocket your media profile together 

With Claire and Mark @claire_nextonyourtable – the chili jam creators, Tring.