Thank you so much for visiting our website and I look forward to your first market with us.


We are an indoor market in a beautiful building, The Town Hall of Berkhamsted, spread over three fantastic rooms depending on number of applicants.  We have up to 50 diverse stalls in our busiest months (although this can vary on quiet months) and a Coffee and Cake shop on the premises. We specialise in ethical and sustainable Arts and Crafts but are happy to include Antiques, and Books, or any alternative stalls.

Berkhamsted is an affluent town, & support their local community market.  By becoming a regular at our market, you can do very well over time once people get to know you and your product. The market is advertised on a variety of websites and free listings in local papers and. If you think you can contribute then please do apply! I am happy to entertain as wide a variety of stalls as possible. I am also looking to have the friendliest stall holders around – a smile goes a long way when making a sale and this is ambience I wish to encourage for our market……

Anyone wishing to contact the Farmers market for a food stall only should contact Ian Rogers – we are separate markets but support each other. Tel: 01494 752566 Mob: 07778 706179

Email: ianrogers@berkhamstedfarmersmarket.co.uk website:www.berkhamstedfarmersmarket.co.uk

Our Location

Our public need to climb a staircase to reach us, but this is not insurmountable and there are two people who stand outside the main doors all day to direct people off the street to see us.

Footfall varies from month to month depending on various factors such as school holidays/fetes/football seasons etc and I always feel this is not always indicative of successful sales.  Sometimes we have fewer people but more sales and vice versa.  Lots of people does not always equal great sales –  but as a general guide our most popular times tend to be the run up to Christmas markets during the winter months.

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