Pop Up Bazaar Berkhamsted – an introduction

 ‘A Seller’s Networking and Advertising Opportunity WITH option to sell’ 

We don’t advertise our market as a seller’s paradise anymore because put simply it isn’t the case.   It is not all doom and gloom however it just involves a bit of a different marketing approach.  Please keep reading

The Future of the Pop Up Bazaar 2020

Those of you who attend markets all the time will know people do not shop in the way they used.  Those of you who are new to selling at a market may also have noticed the change in high street shopping.

With the closing down of many retail shops there is only really one way forward and I believe it is this. Unless we change the way we ‘sell’ then many stall holders will not be able to survive this current trend which shows no signs of abating.  Our Pop Up Bazaar is promoted as an advertising opportunity’ with your own mini shop and with you at the helm of promoting your product and networking and with the option to sell on the day too (which is an additional bonus)

Let me explain how the Pop Up Bazaar works and how implementing these small strategies has really started to turn the market around and help sellers make money!

Here’s where it gets interesting and how you can actually sell:

Online Shop/Website

Prior to coming to our market you it is highly recommended you set up an online business whether that’s your own website or connect with a sellers market like Etsy, and regard your £30  stall payment as an advertising opportunity to make connections with real people and then direct them to your online shop and encourage commissions.

It would be advisable to have done this before you attend your first market with us but is definitely NOT a prerequisite so don’t panic,  just advice based on what other sellers recommend and advise.

Flyers/Business Cards

Create a business name, come armed with cards/flyers and a website and an Instagram account and straight away you are going to look more professional and be appealing to today’s buyer.

Your Stall

Style your stall as a mini shop with branding and you are going to catch people’s eye.  Make your website/Insta and FB accounts match your branding.

Social Networking Opportunity

Our emphasis on the day of the Pop Up is trading with each other – what do I mean by that? You have the opportunity to mix with other stall holders and swap/support and trade names and support each other in business. You will be tripling your market audience for online sales and giving you the possibility of making concrete physical sales plus building up your database and reaching new clients.  This is how today’s sales are done.

 Sales on the day

We consider them a bonus but most definitely not a given.  People just aren’t buying as they used to so we must adapt to how they prefer to buy – which is online and via social media posting and recommendations so your sales can come days/weeks after your market presence.  However if you are local you could consider home deliveries.


See the market as an opportunity to collect people’s emails so you start to know your target audience – offer prizes etc – and send out a newsletter once a month to your new potential customers. You are your best sales advocate and it is you who can sell your product and once a month at the Pop Up Bazaar you get to connect physically to your client whilst building/adding to your online network.


You hashtag everyone you meet at the market and support each other by reposting and commenting on their work.

Why? because the more you do this the wider your network will become.  Sitting behind a stall is no longer viable without venturing into the social media world.

All future stall holders will be encouraged to seriously consider getting an account as this way we can all tag each other and increase our collective opportunity for selling.

IF we do this your product will be reaching a far wider audience.

Our Instagram is @popupbazaarberko

Popular Hashtags for Berkhamsted

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Sustainable and ethical 

Is definitely the way to compete with the high street and offer what they can’t at the moment, at least not in abundance,  so all those who can demonstrate some way of being ethical will be very much supported at the market.  Quite simply it is what people want and what giant retailers can’t offer.

Instagram Tutorial

So with all the above in mind, we now run 15 minute workshops £5 for complete Instagram novices. By the end of it you will have an account set up, photos/advice on hashtagging/commenting and be set to go! We want to help everyone become Insta ready as Instagram is a visual forum and therefore best suits our market.

Please let me know if you wish to book in a slot when you attend a market with us.

Thank you and we hope to meet you soon.

Founder of the Pop Up Bazaar