Saturday 4th February

Dear all Stallholders
Happy New Year!!
JOIN OUR FIRST MARKET OF 2017 – Saturday 4th February Market at the Town Hall Berkhamsted
I am very much looking forward to our first market of the year and it looks like we will be having two rooms open at least.
For those of you unfamiliar with our layout the historic building of the Town Hall offers two rooms on the first floor (lift accessible) and a third room upstairs.This means we have the potential to have 48 stall holders in total.
So considering we still have three more weeks to go before we open I am keeping fingers crossed for a full house!
Which brings me to my next point – If you would like to book a table for £25 for our frist market of 2017 please let me know asap.
All markets are booked in advance and payable via paypal or bt.
Soooooo let’s look foward to a thriving bustling market with some fab and new stall holders…Bakeaholic Cake & Coffee Shop returns for another year with us. Thank you Natasha!
Happy New Year everyone, Kind regards  Claire

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