Bagsy Me blog hottie

Bags and purses handcrafted out of books by Kate Lowe – ‘Bagsy me first!’As a bookworm and inveterate ‘maker of things’ I was inspired by celebrity book clutches to evolve my own recipe for turning books into bags. My book purses, clutches and handbags are my own concept and design and are being enjoyed in 28 countries (so far!) 🙂

The way I see it: Your favourite book and your purse are such personal items and bringing them together is a winning combination. That moment when someone realises your purse has been beautifully made out of an actual, for-real book… *Big smile!*

‘Bagsy me first!’ has been up and running since November 2013 and has appeared live on ‘BBC Three Counties Radio’, in print in ‘Cotswold Life’ magazine and online in ‘The Lady’ and ‘Bella’ magazine. We’ve also been featured in ‘Book Riot’ and a ‘Studentbeans’ Harry Potter feature that was so hot it almost melted the internet.

Meet the designer of these amazing books at our Christmas market on Sunday  18th December. 

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