This week’s Blog Spot Hottie

This week’s Blog Spot Hottie is Dee  Fisher who will be attending on Saturday 3rd December at Berkhamsted Arts, Crafts Market –  in her own words……

Hi. I’m Dee Fisher and passionate about recycling. I have a selection of bags made up. All my materials are sourced from old umbrellas. Instead of seeing the tired, broken umbrellas abandoned on the street, the idea came to salvage the fabric and give them a new lease of life. Each ‘Rum’ bag (Recycled Umbrella bag) is unique. It is my original idea and there will also be kits available to buy if you like sewing or want to send something light through the post!). I also enjoy making up my own macrame plant hangers and offer a wide range of styles with a free planter cutting.  I also enjoy making wastepaper baskets from yesterday’s newspaper and knitting and crocheting various items from cut up plastic bags.  But that will be for another time!! Look forward to seeing you there. Dee Fisher.

Pictured: Rum bags (recycled umbrella bags), macrame plant hangers and crossword newspaper wastepaper basket.



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